Once You Buy A Vehicle From Your Huntington Beach Car Dealers, Learn Some Basic Maintenance

The Huntington Beach car dealers know that many of the vehicle buyers who visit them are automotive aficionados. These individuals know a lot about cars, and they’re fully capable of doing much of the maintenance on them once they’ve bought one either new or used.


In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the things you can do for your car once you have it safely home and you’re driving it every day. By knowing how to perform these basic maintenance chores you can save yourself some money, and you can impress your friends and neighbors.

Battery Maintenance

Let’s start by talking about battery maintenance, Huntington Beach residents. If you’ve just come back from the car dealers with your new vehicle, then your battery should be in good shape, since virtually all reputable dealerships check out the condition of their cars thoroughly before they sell them. But once you’ve been driving your new or used car for a while, battery maintenance should undoubtedly enter your mind.

Of the various car maintenance tasks that you can tackle yourself, this is one of the easier ones. Start by removing your battery terminals. Always remove the negative one before the positive. If they are stuck in place, try prying them off with a flathead screwdriver.

Next, clean the posts thoroughly. Some people say that using Coca Cola will do the job, but a professional cleaning product is preferable. The solutions that you get from an auto parts store are basically water and baking soda, so you can make your own solution if you like, but since they are relatively inexpensive, there is not much point in cutting corners there. You should apply the fluid to the posts and scrub them with a wire brush.

Rinse the cleaning fluid off with a little water and then dry off the posts with rags. You can now replace the battery terminals, and your battery should be free of contaminants. See how easy that was, Huntington Beach residents?

The Radiator Flush

If you want to move on to something a little more advanced, you can try a radiator flush. Again, if you’ve just purchased your vehicle from the car dealers, then the radiator is probably in good shape, but you’ll want to perform a flush on it every year or so going forward.

Start by being sure that the engine is completely cool. Check the owner’s manual if you don’t yet know the location of your car’s radiator drain plug. You’ll need a receptacle for the used coolant. A pan or small bucket will work fine. Unscrew the drain plug, then let the old coolant drain entirely out. The process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

Now you can replace the drain plug and take off the radiator cap. Use a funnel to add radiator flush cleaning solution, available at any auto parts store. Fill the rest of the radiator up with water and put the cap back on. Start the car’s engine, and let it run till you’re sure that it has reached its normal operating temperature. Then crank your heater to the highest position possible and let it run for about ten minutes.

After that, you can turn the car off and let it get back to its normal temperature. It should be several minutes till it has done so. Now drain out the contents of the radiator and put fresh coolant in it.

Huntington Beach residents often neglect this last step, so be sure that you aren’t one of those who does. You need to dispose of the old coolant safely by bringing it to a gas station, auto parts store, or a mechanic in the area. If you just dump it out, then its sweet smell can attract animals, but it is fatal to them if they are enticed to drink it. You don’t want your cat or dog to be a fatality of that sort of carelessness.

Switching Out Your Windshield Wipers

It’s probable if you own your car long enough that you’ll have to replace your windshield wipers at least a couple of times. Luckily, this is another easy automotive task.

Lift the blades as if you were about to wash the windshield by hand, and then remove the old blades. As you do so, take note of how they fit into the metal arms. On many models, you will see a tab that comes on the underside of the wiper. When you press it the old blade comes right off.

Attach the new blade, being sure that the one you got is the right size. If you aren’t quite sure what size you need, have the attendant at the auto parts store look up your car model. They can tell you what size you need, and there should be several brands available ranging from cheap to top-of-the-line.

Be sure as you attach the new blade not to scratch the windshield or bend the wiper arm. Once everything is lined up, tug on the arm gently to make sure everything is secure and locked in place. That’s all there is to it.   

These are just three examples of what you can do with your vehicle once you have developed some self-confidence, Huntington Beach car owners. The dealers know that once you become comfortable with all things automotive, then they’ll have to give you a good bargain when you go shopping, so try to learn all about cars that you can. It costs you nothing, and these sorts of skills will get you far in life.

If you find that you’re able to do an engine flush or battery cleaning successfully, then you may wish to move on to such things as oil filter replacement, spark plug replacement, or switching out your air filter. All these are possible with some research, so start reading up on them and watching videos. Soon you can consider yourself on your way to becoming an automotive expert.

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