Think About Your Driving Responsibilities As You Visit The Santa Ana Car Dealers

Getting yourself a new or used car is often a time for great excitement. Perhaps this is the first vehicle that you bought with your own money, or maybe this is a badly needed upgrade from your old car that was at the end of its life cycle.


Whatever the case may be, you might drive home from the Santa Ana car dealers feeling on top of the world. This is a perfect time, however, to review some critical safety information, like how dangerous it is to drive while impaired.

It Isn't Okay to Drive While Intoxicated

This is likely not the first time that you’ve read about driving while under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. Most schools have police officers or other officials come in and talk to students about these dangers when they in grade school, and still years away from being drivers. It’s never a bad time for a refresher, though, especially when it comes to a matter of this much gravity.

The Santa Ana car dealers aren’t going to talk to you about driving under the influence, so you must take this responsibility on yourself. It’s true that in many states, you’re probably under the legal limit if you drink a single beer and then get behind the wheel. However, it is a better policy to appoint a designated driver if you have been imbibing at all.

All people have a different tolerance for alcohol. Perhaps you have a smaller body size and weight, and you don’t drink very often.

You may technically be under the legal limit if you drink that one beer and then decide to drive, but you will likely be much more affected than someone who is much larger and drinks more often. If you either appoint a designated driver, or you get an Uber or a taxi, then you can indulge in some drinks knowing that you don’t have to worry about a possible DUI.

Other Drugs

It’s also worth mentioning that you shouldn’t drive when you are under the influence of other drugs. Those needn’t even necessarily be illegal substances, either.

Let’s say that you’ve been to the doctor recently, and you were put on a new medication for high blood pressure. You see on the side of the bottle that one of the possible side effects can be drowsiness or dizziness. You should certainly consider having someone else drive you to and from work the next couple of days, or you could take public transportation.

In all probability, you will be fine. However, until your body is adjusted to the new drug, you should not get behind the wheel. Much like drinking and driving, it is most definitely better to be safe rather than sorry in this instance.

If you have experience, then you might feel like you can handle driving while under the influence of a couple beers or some prescription drugs. Even if you do it successfully ten times, though, it might be on the eleventh time that you do something a little reckless, and then you’re looking at a DUI, which can be extremely damaging to your life. Even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you might hit a sobriety checkpoint, and it will be impossible to conceal the fact that you are intoxicated.

Be smart about this. If you’re headed to the Santa Ana car dealers, it’s normal to feel excitement, but also realize the responsibility that comes with vehicle ownership.   

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