Head To A Toyota Of Huntington Beach Location If You Need A New Vehicle

If you have decided that the time has come for a new vehicle, then sometimes what is helpful to do is to make a note of all the features that you feel you’re going to need. That can go a long way toward narrowing down the selection, as some cars will not be appropriate or match what you have in mind.


By the time you visit a Toyota of Huntington Beach location, you should be able to bring along a short list of choices that seem suitable. You might look toward fuel economy as one of your most significant needs, vehicle price, or safety features. But what about a navigation system? Is it necessary that your new or used vehicle have one, or should it be merely optional?

Smartphones vs. In-Car Navigation Systems

The past two decades have brought about wholesale changes in the way that people navigate when they’re in their cars. Long gone are the times of printing out directions via Mapquest and squinting over them as you try to read passing street signs.

Printed directions and maps were failures as often as they were successes, the reason being that some of their features might easily have been outdated. A street could have been renamed, and if you were forced to take a slightly different way because of a traffic situation or police activity, it was enough to get you lost.

Now, many vehicles come with built-in navigation systems, and at your Toyota of Huntington Beach locations, you can certainly make that a priority if you want to. Remember, though, that there are services like Google Maps on your phone that you can use which are probably every bit as accurate.

But is one superior to the other? Probably the most significant reason that you might opt for a factory-installed navigation system over using your phone is that the system in your vehicle is satellite-based, and it should always have a signal. If you’re in a remote location with your phone, that might not be the case, and then you’ll have a tough time getting to where you intended on going.

Built-in navigation systems also can’t be stolen, or at least it is much more difficult to do so. You can lose your phone or someone can take it, and the same is true for portable navigation systems that you leave on your dashboard.

One more thing to consider, Huntington Beach vehicle shoppers, is that your car’s resale value is going to be higher if it comes with an onboard navigation system. It’s not going to make an enormous impact, but when you’re trying to trade your car in, every little bit helps.

Your Toyota of Huntington Beach locations are going to have plenty of vehicle options that include factory-installed navigation systems. It is going to be up to you whether you consider that to be one of those must-have features, or whether you think you can get along on your own with one of the alternate methods that now exist.

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