Those Who Visit Santa Ana Used Car Dealers Are Making A Smart Decision

There was a time in history when buying a brand-new car was expected of everyone. You got the latest model that came out, and to do anything less would have been improper. This was partially due to a new car being seen as a status symbol by some segments of society.

These days, though, many residents look to Santa Ana used car dealers before they would ever think of buying new. No one will mock you if you buy a used vehicle. It’s seen as a savvy move because there are some distinct disadvantages to buying new. Let’s examine the best reasons for getting yourself a used car.


There’s No Depreciation

When you buy a brand-new car, as soon as you have signed the papers and you drive away in it, you’ve lost multiple thousands of dollars from what the car is worth as a trade-in. That’s because of depreciation, and while it doesn’t seem fair, that’s just the reality of the automotive market. With a used car, there is no depreciation factor.

You’ll Get a Better Deal

You can also feel good about going to one of the Santa Ana used car dealers because you’re going to end up paying much less than you would if you bought a vehicle brand-new. It’s not a small difference either, in many cases. We’re talking about thousands of dollars, easy.

If you buy a car that is only 3-5 years old and has only had one previous owner, then you should be getting it in good shape, and with not too many miles on it yet. Such a vehicle ought to be able to last you for many years to come.

You Can Get a Vehicle History Report

Apart from the new car as a status symbol, part of what made buying used objectionable in the old days was that it was challenging to learn much of anything about a previously owned car. You could look it over inside and out, and make an assessment based on what you saw and what the person selling it told you. But could you trust them? The possibility of getting a lemon was always very high.

Now, however, getting a vehicle history report from Carfax or a similar service can tell you a great deal about a car. There might be certain details that you still don't know, but you will be able to spot any significant red flags that should steer you away from what is obviously a bad decision.

The shoppers at Santa Ana used car dealers have the right idea. It’s true that when you buy a brand-new car you can brag about it and show it off to your friends, and you’ll know that it came straight to you from the factory, so it will be in mint condition. However, used vehicles have a lot more points in their favor in the long run.

Unless money is no object for you, think about buying used. You’ll be in good company, as it’s the preferred option for more and more people these days.

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