Welcome to the VIP buying experience!

The easiest, quickest and most flexible way to buy or lease your next vehicle. In a nutshell the VIP buying experience is a concierge level process that allows you the customer to customize the buying experience to best fit your needs. You can shop online or in the dealership where we can even bring the car directly to you. There is no need for third party middlemen found online or elsewhere that get paid money that you should be saving directly. The prices, payments and trade-in values will be presented for your consideration without the need for endless back and forth negotiations, nor countless hours wasted at a dealership! Our staff is empowered to say YES and our managers are always available to speak to you directly….no one to check with and no pricing games! Furthermore, given the extensive inventories of our company, you will never have to settle for less than the perfect vehicle, in the perfect color, equipped the exact way that best fits your needs. No need to settle and no need to waste time going from store to store to find what you are looking for. Simply tells us what you want and we will have it here waiting for you! So reach out to us in whatever way you’d like to get things started and be prepared for the easiest, most transparent and best buying experience ever!

Ready for the VIP experience? Contact us today by PHONE (888-606-9623) or EMAIL below!