Some Shoppers at the Santa Ana Used Car Dealers Want to Know About the Viability of Electric Options

For years, the idea of an electric car was the stuff of science fiction and fantasy. The idea was that electric vehicles would someday burst onto the scene and eliminate our need for foreign oil. We’d reduce the nation’s carbon footprint and take significant steps toward slowing global warming.

But now electric cars have arrived, and these ideals towards which we once aspired to have, now have the chance to become a reality. Some of the shoppers that visit Santa Ana used car dealers are asking about electric models. Is that a possibility for those who don’t have a ton of money to spend?


Is an Electric Car Possible for the Budget-Minded Consumer?

Generally speaking, there are two reasons that some individuals in Santa Ana are wary of buying electric cars. The first is that they feel most of the models are too expensive, and the second is that they’re worried that the car is suddenly going to break down or stop working in the middle of traffic on the freeway or in some other inconvenient location.

First, let’s address the money question. Is it accurate to say that a midsized electric car is more expensive than a similar gas-powered vehicle? It is true that when you look at the upfront price, “sticker shock,” as it is known, makes some people turn away from electric models. At face value, an electric car does seem to be more expensive than a gas-powered equivalent, or even a hybrid.

However, appearances can be deceiving. Once you get past the cost of buying or leasing an electric car, you’ll realize that the cost of owning one is so much cheaper than getting a gas-powered vehicle that it more than evens things out. Hardly any maintenance is required for electric cars. Electric motors can work for a very long time with hardly any upkeep. There are fewer fluids to change out periodically as is the case with gas-powered vehicles. There aren't as many working parts, so there are fewer things that can potentially go wrong.

Also, keep in mind as you’re headed to the Santa Ana used car dealers that there is a $7,500 tax credit for buying an electric model. It’s probably not going to exist forever, but you should think about taking advantage of it while it’s being offered. When you make that part of your calculations an electric model becomes much more attractive.

The Breakdown Factor

But what about the idea that an electric car will lose its charge at an inopportune time when you’re out on the road somewhere? It’s possible, but reports of these instances are rare if you stay within range of your charging station.

While most electric vehicles cannot match the pure range potential of a gas-powered car, many of them can get between 150-300 miles on one charge. That should be plenty for getting around town, but if you’re on a road trip, then you can plan out your stops so you can hit charging stations along the way. More of them are being built every day, and soon they will be found even in more remote parts of the country.

There are also cars that are hybrids of gas and electricity. Known as plug-in hybrids, more of them are joining the market every year, and they can help you alleviate the concern that your purely electric car is going to die when you’re on a dark, deserted stretch of highway at night. With gas reserves and a mainly electrical component, you can split the difference if you’re not quite ready to make the jump to electric exclusively.

What About Slow Charging Times?

Another concern that’s sometimes cited by Santa Ana used car shoppers as it relates to electric vehicles is the slow charging times. This concern shouldn’t be too high on your list, though. If you own an electric car, then you can plug it in when you get home in the evening, and it will be fully charged and ready to go when you wake up for your morning commute. Your trips to the gas station where you’re breathing in smelly fumes will be a thing of the past.

If you’re away from your house and you need to charge, you can go to one of the many stations that are popping up. The technology is getting to the point where charging your car won’t take very long, but these convenient stations are also usually located somewhere close to restaurants and stores. Therefore you don’t have to wait right by your vehicle for it to charge.

How’s the Battery Life?

The last thing that’s worth discussing as it relates to the electric models on the road today is their batteries. Some people worry that the batteries will wear out sooner than with gas-powered models, but that notion doesn’t seem to have any basis in reality.

Many different factors have to be calculated when you’re talking about battery degradation, but it seems that electric cars are going to be far superior to gas varieties in this area. With most gas-powered vehicles you can expect to get about 140,000 miles out of your battery. With an electric model, you’ll still be looking at 80 percent capacity after 500,000 miles. It is estimated that you can get well over a million miles out of the typical electric car battery, but only time will tell whether this assessment is entirely accurate.

Electric vehicles are going to become more common as time goes on, and Santa Ana used car dealers are undoubtedly going to start carrying more of them. There’s no need to wait to get in on the trend, though. You can do a good deed for the planet and also save yourself a great deal of money over time if you look into buying an electric car today. It’s going to be a little different if you’ve only ever driven gas-powered vehicles to this point in your life, but change can be a good thing.

In fifty years it is assumed that more than half of the cars on the road will be electric, but for you, that future can start today.   

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