The Santa Ana Car Dealers Talk About Driving Stick

Driving stick, or driving with a manual transmission instead of automatic, is something that many people knew how to do at one point in Santa Ana. Car dealers sold as many manual transmissions as they did automatics, and when someone learned to drive, they often at least tried out a stick shift and learned the basics even if their family didn’t own one. But now, with fewer stick shifts than ever on the road, is it worth it to learn how to drive one? And are there advantages of getting a vehicle with a stick shift over one with an automatic transmission?


The Manual Transmission Advantage  

There are plenty of reasons that Santa Ana car dealers still recommend stick shifts to those drivers who know how to use them. For one thing, stick shifts are easier to maintain. That is because they tend to be much less complex than automatics, so fewer things can go wrong and they’re not likely to need as many repairs over time. The only item that might need replacing more in the case of stick shifts is the clutch, and generally speaking, it’s not going to wear out for hundreds of thousands of miles under optimal conditions.

Manual transmissions also use engine oil or gear oil, and unlike automatic transmission fluid, it does not deteriorate as quickly, nor does it need to be changed as frequently. You’re also likely to get better fuel economy with a stick shift versus automatic transmission. That is because an automatic uses a hydraulic pump and a torque converter, and they are going to steal a bit of power and fuel efficiency during regular use.

You also get a better sense of control over your vehicle if you use a stick shift, Santa Ana drivers. The torque converter is not always pushing you forward, so you will have an easier time with the braking. It’s also worth mentioning that stick shifts are usually a bit cheaper than their counterparts.

So, Should You Get One?

When considering whether to buy a stick shift, the biggest question is whether you already know how to drive one. If you’re an adult, and you’ve been driving for several years, then you might not wish to take the time to learn how to drive a stick shift if you didn’t do so when you first learned how to drive. If you’re a young driver, though, and your family already owns a car with a manual transmission on which you have practiced, then getting a stick shift is probably going to be an option for you based on the reasons we mentioned.

Santa Ana car dealers will be happy to show you some vehicles with stick shifts if you’ve decided that is a possibility you’re willing to consider. Some people feel like it’s more fun to drive a stick shift as well, and if you count yourself among them, you may choose to go out of your way to find one that’s suitable.

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