Explore the Benefits of the California Clean Fuel Reward at South Coast Toyota

Around California, it can be hard to find the right kind of vehicle that combines powerful performance and cozy comfort with efficiency that helps you avoid more frequent trips to the gas pump. Luckily, South Coast Toyota has a solution for California drivers that ensure you get a reliable vehicle and save at the same time! Using the California Clean Fuel Reward program, you can save on the purchase or lease of a new Toyota hybrid vehicle and drive away today! Check out the details of the program down below and see what it can offer you!

California Clean Fuel Reward
California Clean Fuel Reward

How Does Vehicles Meet the Eligibility Requirements?

For a Toyota vehicle to be eligible for the program, they need to be Battery-Electric powered or a Plug-In Hybrid with a battery capacity of 5kWh or greater. Once they meet these requirements, they qualify for the California Clean Fuel Reward program, allowing you to save on your purchase or lease.

How Does the Program Work?

With three simple steps, the California Clean Fuel Reward makes it easy to save on a new purchase or lease of a Toyota hybrid vehicle.


You'll need to find an eligible vehicle. At our Toyota dealership in Costa Mesa, CA, we offer several options from our model lineup. You can put yourself behind the wheel of the new Toyota Prius Prime, or you can find yourself at the wheel of a new Toyota RAV4 Prime. Both models offer plenty of comfort and capability, combining with an efficient hybrid engine to ensure that you get plenty of miles on one tank of gas.


Next, you'll want to visit South Coast Toyota to meet with our sales and finance team. We'll guide you through choosing a new Toyota Prius Prime or RAV4 Prime. We'll then discuss whether purchasing or leasing is right for you.


Finally, we'll help you make your best deal! We'll then be able to show you how the California Clean Fuel Reward will take up to $750 off the purchase price, lowering your monthly payments and ensuring you're rewarded for taking advantage of our hybrid inventory! It's that easy!

Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles

There are many reasons that a hybrid vehicle might be the right fit for you. Above all else, they tend to be far more efficient than normal gas-powered vehicles. You'll be able to fill up and go for many more miles, saving you money down the road. Other benefits include:

  • Hybrid vehicles are affordable! They save on the initial purchase, thanks to the California Clean Fuel Reward program. You'll also save after the purchase, both by avoiding necessary gas-powered engine maintenance and on trips to the gas pump.
  • Hybrid vehicles take you where you want to go! New models offer a longer range on one charge, and with more charging options available around California, you'll be able to charge on the road!
  • Reduced Emissions! Hybrid vehicles reduce pollution and smog outputs, providing significant health benefits for you and the area you live in.
  • HOV Lane Access! Driving a hybrid vehicle provides you with free access to carpool lanes, regardless of the number of occupants.
  • Easy to Maintain! Thanks to fewer moving parts, the required maintenance for hybrid vehicles tends to cost you less time and money to maintain than pure gas-powered engines.

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Are you eager to explore the benefits of the California Clean Fuel Reward program and see how you can save on your next purchase or lease of a new Toyota hybrid? Stop by our Costa Mesa, CA, dealership and meet with the sales and finance teams at your earliest convenience! We'll show you which vehicles meet the requirements of the program and how you can become eligible to save $1,500 on your next hybrid!

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